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The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform & Rural Development commissioned the GeoScope SA consortium to conduct a study of Marine and Coastal Spatial Data Infrastructure (MCSDI) in South Africa. The introductory letter from the Department can be downloaded here.

The study focuses on criteria to identifying base datasets in the marine and coastal environment, identifying base datasets & data custodians. A fit- for-purpose structure for the MCSDI and its integration into the South African Spatial Data Infrastructure (SASDI) will be an outcome.

All stakeholders are invited to complete the online survey. A hardcopy of the questionnaire for the online survey can be downloaded here

If you would like to participate in the study, please complete the online survey or contact the project manager.

Craig Schwabe

(082) 904 0955

GeoScope South Africa

A new and innovative information company focusing on South Africa 

GeoScope South Africa (SA) is a newly formed Broad Based Black Economically Empowered (BBBEE) Exempt Micro Enterprises (EME) with a 52% black ownership. The company has been established to contribute to transformation, capacitating historically disadvantaged people and to enable its members to contribute their expertise in bringing about the socio-economic development of South Africa. AfricaScope SA and GeoScope Europe are sister companies.

GeoScope uses multidisciplinary teams with expertise in providing technical advise in the implementation of research surveys and providing geospatial services. Members of the company are leaders in their field in the conducting of the social surveys and research in the geospatial industry in South Africa.

GeoScope SA works with its partners and associates to conduct innovative research in the social survey and geospatial environments. This includes socio- economic, financial access, Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME), enterprise and Citizen Report Card surveys. Facility audits, censuses of households in local authorities and qualitative research (eg workshops, focus groups, key informant interviews are some of the services offered by the company.   

Geospatial services offered by GeoScope SA include the provision of geospatial data, use of GIS and artificial intelligence methods to develop new datasets, innovative methods to view social survey data and providing web mapping solutions for viewing and analysing geospatial datasets.  GeoScope SA is a leader in the conducting of retail and government services network optimization. The conducting of research on defining fundamental geospatial data sets, identifying data custodians, developing geospatial strategies and the interpretation of geospatial and social surveys is a competency of the company.

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Mapping the Media & Advertising Product Survey (MAPS)

MAPS is a modernised, updated and enhanced survey focused on Consumer Insights. Built on the legacy of AMPS, it includes product and brand research designed for marketers and media planners, which is independent of any commercial interests, is transparent and neutral. An additional enhancement and an industry first, is the introduction of GeoCoded Data, which allows spatial analysis at a neighbourhood level.

Retail & Service Location Optimization

Allowing decision-makers to make better decisions on where to locate retail outlets and government services

Expansion, relocation and reduction strategies are used to optimize retail and service networks. Unique target market or population data is defined at the most detailed spatial level for South Africa and Africa. Accessibility models use capacity and travel time, existing and competitor facilities and preferred sites in determining the optimum size and distribution of retail or service network.

Geospatial Services

Survey Technical Support

GeoScope SA provides Innovative solutions for all aspects of quantitative surveys and qualitative research

  • Sample frame development for any African countries
  • Sample design, allocation & weighting
  • Overview & local area fieldwork maps for field navigation
  • Questionnaire design by multidisciplinary teams
  • Rapid data collection technology for use across Africa
  • Unique data collection through Skype, Call Centres & Mobile Phones
  • Quantifying focus groups using unique methods
  • Real-time fieldwork tracking across Africa
  • Quality control of all survey methods
  • Statistical analysis by specialist teams
  • Report production & presentations to client specification
Surveys Support