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Delivering tailored research survey expertise and innovative geospatial services to empower businesses across industries in South Africa and Africa


Empowering our clients to uncover market insights and seize opportunities with us!

Invaluable Insights for
Strategic Decision-Making


Specialized research survey and geospatial solutions for diverse industries in South Africa


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KasiSurvey & Circle Point Analysis

Understanding Socio-Economic Trends in South Africa


Rapid access to data on townships in South Africa from household survey data


Unveiling Strategic
Insights through Research Surveys


Navigating South Africa’s frontiers with specialized research survey solutions, transforming data into decisions


Unleash our Geospatial


Elevate strategic insights & decision-making with our advanced geospatial data and services




Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA)

“defining geospatial criteria and identifying core datasets in South Africa, delivering a comprehensive report to the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA).”

World Bank

“successfully conducted the 2020 World Bank Enterprise Survey in South Africa, delivering high-quality data from over 1 000 establishments and impressing the World Bank Group with their performance.”

Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF)

“exceeded expectations in implementing the GEPF’s Stakeholder Perception and Behavioural Study, delivering an exceptional end product that fully satisfied the requirements of the project.”

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What We Do

Leading provider of survey research and geospatial analysis

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Our expertise

Unlocking South Africa’s potential with our unique expertise in geospatial services and research surveys.

Our team demonstrates exceptional proficiency in delivering distinctive and inventive geospatial services and research survey expertise across South Africa.

The track record of GeoScope underscores its dedication to excellence in catering to industry leaders and facilitating informed decision-making in South Africa.

Map Viewers

Providing access to innovative and comprehensive geospatial map viewers

Demographic Estimates

Latest demographic estimates of the South African population

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Shopping Malls

Shopping malls of different types have been mapped across South Africa

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Crime Statistics

Latest crime statistics at a police station level

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Retail Census

Access data on 150 000 formal and informal FMCG retail outlets

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Township Opportunity Atlas

Access to data on more than 530 townships

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Empowering decision-making through rapid data collection

Access a nationally representative panel survey and have data within 2 weeks to make strategic decisions 

Geospatial Data

Specialist in the development & provision of geospatial data

Demographic Estimates

Living Standard Measures (LSM)


Shopping Malls

Township Opportunity Atlas

Retail outlets

Media Coverage

Specialist Geospatial Data

Case Studies

Helping our clients make more strategic decisions about their businesses


Hungry Lion


HSRC Business Innovation Survey

World Bank Enterprise Survey

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