SA Township Opportunity Atlas

Addressing the spatial inequalities in the country, reflected in the townships, is essential to improving the lives of people.

Why was the Township Opportunity Atlas developed?

  • Many national and local government initiatives exist to stimulate township economies, but there is limited understanding of the township realities
  • For the development of new markets for the private sector in the townships requires comprehensive information. 
  • Large amounts of data are available but are not available from a single source and in an easy to use geospatial format.
  • Real “in-township” and “out-of-township” opportunities can only be taken advantage of if clearly identified through the use of information. 

Data available in the SA Township Atlas

  • Boundaries • Official • Informal Settlements
  • Primary Data • Demographics • Land Use • Facilities • Income • Employment • Quality of Life/LSM • Crime
  • Secondary Data • Service provision • Schools • Education levels • Financial inclusion • Consumer profiles • Segmentations • MSME/BSM mapping
  • Tertiary Data • Retail outlets • Shopping Centres • Government faculties • Township Histories 

Access to the SA Township Atlas on a Web-Mapping Platform

  • Web-Mapping technology provides you with the tools to visualize and analyse dynamic information to solve critical, real-world challenges.
  • Simple to Navigate web based platform is used to visualise and analyse dynamic data to unlock solutions to operational challenges.
  • Transform data into a smart digital geo-visualised reality. Users are presented with analytical view of their data in a web mapping environment.

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