About Us

GeoScope has a team of professional marketers, market researchers, GIS specialists & analysts, planners & demographers that it works with on products and services. We supplement our capacity by forming partnerships with key organizations and with individuals in specific fields. GeoScope believes in putting together the best multidisciplinary teams possible in developing its products and in doing projects.

Company Profile


  • GeoScope SA is a Broad Based Black Economically Empowered level 2 company and the subsidiary of AfricaScope SA and a sister company of GeoScope Europe based in the republic of Ireland.
  • The origins of GeoScope is in the research surveys and GIS fields
  • Our diversified backgrounds allow us to have a broad based understanding of the African & South African markets

Professional Team

  • GeoScope brings together teams of reputable, experienced and professional analysts
  • This provides access to a distinct set of methodological approaches, research skills and market sector understanding of South Africa Africa


  • Over the past decade our members have participated in some of the most important projects undertaken in South Africa
  • Members of GeoScope have been working together for more than 20 years

Innovative Geospatial Data

  • GeoScope has developed many innovative datasets – demographic estimates for South Africa, financial access, etc to provide an in-depth understanding of the South African market
  • Recently we have developed demographic estimates, income and Gross Geographic Product (GGP) data sets for South Africa

Survey Research

  • Our focus is on survey research in the enterprise, perceptions, business, financial access and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) environments in South Africa
  • Our team has over many years provided expertise to conduct the Business Innovation & Social Attitudes Surveys for the Human Sciences Research Council s well as Enterprise Surveys for the World Bank

Quantitative & Qualitative Research

  • GeoScope has implemented quantitative and qualitative research studies across Southern Africa
  • Katiso Rachabane has worked on many surveys in South Africa, including an Enterprise Survey for the World Bank & the Social Attitudes Surveys for the Human Sciences Research Council
  • GeoScope has overseen the implementation of a socio-economic surveys in the South Africa.

Position Statement

“Providing decision makers with strategic information for market and socio-economic development of people in South Africa.”


  • To develop INNOVATIVE information products for markets and the socio-economic environment within South Africa
  • To establish a team of PROFESSIONAL business analysts to collect and develop the information products
  • To develop STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS and associations with organizations and individuals
  • To use our information products to facilitate the DEVELOPMENT of business strategies and public sector policies
  • To address the specific NEEDS OF CLIENTS in developing markets and the socio-economic environment in South Africa

Core Values

  • Quality and integrity:  we place great importance on ensuring the highest standards of quality and integrity in all aspects of our work
  • Professionalism: we believe in bringing together teams of reputable, experienced, and professional researchers and geospatial analysts
  • Diversity: our diversified team provides a broad-based understanding of the African and South African markets
  • Collaboration: we form partnerships with key organizations and individuals in specific fields to provide unique skills and expertise
  • Innovation: we believe in the development of innovative and unique survey and geospatial services and data products to help businesses gain key insights into the South African and African markets
  • Value: we understand the value of providing easy to use information that summarize key findings so that decision-makers can make informed decisions in implementing business strategies and government planning