LGBTI Perception Survey progresses well in Botswana

The use of rapid data collection and fieldwork tracking technologies dramatically improves the ability of AfricaScope to monitor the movement and implementation of the survey in Africa. These approaches are being used to monitor the implementation of a LGBTI survey being conducted in Botswana.

The image shows the tracking of fieldwork teams (green points) as they navigate from one survey area (red areas) to another. Without these approaches and technologies it is largely impossible to conduct market research or social surveys in African countries.

The LGBTI survey is being conducted for the Other Foundation and is progressing well having completed close to a months’ worth of interviews.

A total of 480 interviews (40%) were completed under fairly trying conditions – Covid-19 impacting on three of the five teams and heavy rains. The focus of the field work mainly being in the urban areas occurring within the South and North regions of the country.

Craig Schwabe

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