Mapping radio footprints in South Africa

Radio listenership in South Africa remains higher than the global average. There are 40 commercial and public broadcast stations and 284 community stations in South Africa with 296 channels in total, of which are privately owned. In South Africa, radio remains the most popular and pervasive medium, attracting a diverse range of listeners across different languages and ethnicities. Overall, radio plays a significant role in South Africa as a source of education, entertainment, and a tool for promoting democracy.

For these radio stations to fully understand the size of their market and to be able to target them with media content requires a thorough understanding of the size and character of the population within a radio stations footprint as well as an understanding their consumer behaviour. AfricaScope has mapped the footprint of most public, commercial and community radio stations in South Africa. It is able to integrate its proprietary data sets into the footprints to provide an understanding of the demographic and consumer characteristics of the population. Having access to the radio station footprints allows other secondary data sources to be integrated from nationally representative surveys.

AfricaScope continues to update the footprints of radio stations using innovative methods available to it.

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