Bizcommunity – Revolutionising retail store planning in SA’s clothing industry

The clothing retail industry in South Africa is undergoing significant transformations driven by evolving consumer behaviour, partly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Retailers are expanding their store networks across provinces, not only in metropolitan areas but also by using new models to cater for niche markets. The growth of online shopping, constituting 15% of adult clothing purchases, may led brands to reconsider their physical store strategies. Despite the overall online market being relatively small at 18%, the entry of Shein in 2020 caused a notable surge in online clothing purchases, impacting the industry’s landscape.

Understanding the distribution of online shoppers across provinces and their demographics becomes crucial for strategic decisions regarding store locations and retail networks. Additionally, employing advanced analytics and data-driven insights, including accessibility modelling, is essential for optimal store placement, considering factors like existing stores, competitors, and consumer preferences. This approach also necessitates the re-evaluation of store locations, closures, or relocations based on changing market dynamics to ensure long-term financial sustainability.

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