Murder trends over 17 years reflects crime situation in South Africa

Since 2012/13 the number of murders has continued to increase annually. Statistics on murder are probably the best indicator as to whether the crime situation in South Africa is improving or not. This is according to Dr Chris de Kock, former head of the Crime Information Analysis Centre (CIAC) in the South African Police Service (SAPS). Over the last 17 years, the number of murders decreased in 2004/05 (5.2%) when crime reduction targets were first introduced. Then in the years 2009/10 (7.6%), 2010/11 (5.2%) and 2011/12 (2.1%), which were the years around the time of the World Cup, the number of murders decreased. The reasons for this was high visibility policing, intelligence based crime prevention as well as the use of geospatial, crime and timeline analysis. It is these approaches that need to be implemented once again to bring about a reduction in the number of murders and crime in South Africa.

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