SA General Household Survey Demo

The most comprehensive annual source of information on the socio-economic characteristics of the South African population

What is the SA General Household Survey (GHS)?

  • It is a national representative survey done by Statistics South Africa on an annual basis
  • The GHS is released about a year after the survey was completed in the field
  • Just over 20 000 people and households are interviewed each year

What is unique about this data?

  • Using a unique method developed by AfricaScope, the GHS data is mapped as Point Thematic maps
  • The epicentre of the circles of points shown in the adjacent maps is where the interviews were done
  • The points making up the circles represent the individuals that were interviewed
  • The different colours show each respondents answer to a particular question in the GHS survey (eg are you employed, what is the market value of your house?)
  • Point Thematic maps is a qualitative methods that allows you to discern patterns in the data

Who variables are contained in the data?

  • Individual data - demographics, education levels & quality, type of transport, disease, disability, social grants, income, & many more
  • Household data - housing characteristics, access to services, telecommunications, subsistence agriculture, market value of house & many more

What can the data be used for?

  • The Levels of employment map shows where the number of people that are not employed (black dots) are higher compared to those that are employed
  • The Market Value of Houses shows average market value of houses and how it differs from one area to another
  • There are many more analyses of the GHS data that can be done to rapidly inform decision making

View of Demo data

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