Retail Census Demo

150 000 Outlets | Viewed Spatially | Route To Market | Informed Strategy

What is the Retail Census Survey?

  • Measures the size and characterizes of the FMCG retail universe in various markets
  • Provides the most accurate understanding of the retail markets across Africa
  • Enables accurate market sizing, and sampling for route to market

​​What's included in the data?

  • Location of retail outlets (150 000 in SA)
  • Variables include: Outlet name, formal vs informal, product/category offering, payment types, service type, building structure, channel, contact details, trading environment, vehicle access, customer consumption, year in service, trading & peak hours/days, and more
  • Detailed demographics for retail point trade areas can be provided
  • Data can be provided on the number of outlets per retail channel at various administrative levels
  • Compare number of retails customers to potential customers in market area

​Who uses the data?

  • FMCG Manufactures (FMCG food & personal care, pet, tobacco pharmaceutical, alcohol)
  • Retailers
  • Real estate developers / consulting / private equity firms

​For what is the data used?

  • Define route to market and distribution strategies
  • Customize to local offerings
  • Compare retail customers to potential customers

​What is GeoVisualisation? How can it enhance Retail Census Data?

  • Data is combined from various sources and visually displayed on a web map, empowering accurate views on trends and relationships, leading to better and more informed business and strategic decisions

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