Research Survey Support


Survey Design

We believe in putting together the best multidisciplinary teams. Key to our success is meeting with our clients to understand their needs. Protocols or project plans clearly describe how we will implement the survey.

Questionnaire Design

Questionnaire design is both an art and a science. Team members with a key knowledge of the subject area help with the design. Specialists ensure the questionnaire is properly structured to achieve the study objectives.

Sample Design

GeoScope SA specializes in developing sample frames for use in sample designs across Africa - we are unique because of this. Our sampling statistician is able to draw whatever sample is required to ensure the objectives of the study are met. Once the survey has been done, the statistician is able to weight the dataset.

Map Production

Overview maps are produced to show the distribution of the sample so that fieldwork planning can be done. Area maps show the location of visiting points where the interviews are to be conducted.

Data Collection

GeoScope SA uses South Africa's leading rapid data capture technology

Rapid programming of questionnaires. Real-time data capture to a secure central database. Easy data downloads and visualization tools​. Tested across Africa.

Fieldwork Tracking

Real-time monitoring of fieldwork teams across Africa

Accurate real-time tracking of fieldworkers. Keeping fieldworkers safe through SOS and fall detection. Detailed reports on all fieldwork activities. Geo-fencing & geo-points ensure visiting points are reached.

Quality Control

Real-time monitoring of data collection and field team movement ensure highest quality. Validation ensures data of the highest quality. Change Logs describe the rules we use to correct data.

Analysis & Reporting

Data can be analysed using various techniques. GeoScope SA believes that all survey data should be used. Reports should be simple to use so that effective decisions can be made.

Specialist Surveys & Censuses

Call Centre Operations

Real-time engaging with survey participants

GeoScope SA uses a call centre to assist it in the setting up of interviews for surveys such as the Enterprise survey for the World Bank. As part of its approaches to doing audits, facilities are contacted to set up dates when the facilities will be visited so that they can be audited.