GeoScope SA appointed to conduct Business Innovation Survey 2019-2021

GeoScope SA is currently conducting the Business Innovation Survey 2019-2021 on behalf of the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) together with the Human Resources Research Council (HSRC). This survey has been running from March 2022 and will continue until November 2022.

Statistics South Africa drew a representative sample of companies from their dataset of all companies in South Africa. The findings from the responses given by the sampled companies will be representative of all companies in the country.

The aim is to collect information related to innovation in companies that will be analysed and used to inform leaders and policy makers in order to allow innovation implementation.

There are 3 data collection methods being used: 1. Online – Representatives of companies are sent emails and requested to fill in the questionnaire at their own time in the comfort of their work place. 2. Telephonic Interviews – Company representatives are called and a telephonic interview is scheduled and eventually conducted. 3. In-person Interviews – Our fieldworkers conduct face to face interviews with company representatives at their work premises.

GeoScope SA was chosen to assist in this survey because of their unique data collection methods that sets them apart from all survey companies in South Africa.

Watch the launch here.

To read more about the HSRC's Business Innovation Survey 2019-202 click on the logo below:

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