About Us


Company Profile


  • GeoScope SA is a Broad Based Black Economically Empowered level 2 company that is a sister company to Africascope SA  
  • The origins of GeoScope is in the social survey and GIS fields
  • Our diversified backgrounds allow us to have a broad based understanding of the South African market

Professional Team

  • GeoScope brings together teams of reputable, experienced and professional analysts
  • This provides access to a distinct set of methodological approaches, research skills and market sector understanding in South Africa


  • Over the past decade our members have participated in some of the most important projects undertaken in South Africa
  • Members of GeoScope have been working together for more than 20 years

Innovative Geospatial Data

  • GeoScope has developed many innovative datasets - demographic estimates for South Africa, Living Standard Measures (LSM), Mindset and Financial Access to provide an in-depth understanding of the South African market
  • Recently we have developed demographic estimates, income and Gross Geographic Product (GGP) data sets for South Africa

Financial Sector Research

  • Our focus is on research in the financial access and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) environments in South Africa
  • Bob Currin has provided technical expertise in the implementation of financial and MSME surveys in South Africa.
  • GeoScope has recently conducted an Enterprise Survey for provinces in South Africa.

Quantitative & Qualitative Research

  • GeoScope has implemented quantitative and qualitative research studies in South Africa
  • Craig Schwabe has acted as a technical adviser in the implementation of Citizen Report Card surveys in South Africa
  • Katiso Rachabane has worked on many surveys in South Africa and Africa, including an Enterprise Survey for the World Bank
  • GeoScope has overseen the implementation of a socio-economic surveys in the South Africa.

Position Statement

"Providing decision makers with strategic information for market and socio-economic development of people in Africa."


  • To develop INNOVATIVE information products for markets and the socio-economic environment within South Africa
  • To establish a team of PROFESSIONAL business analysts to collect and develop the information products
  • To develop STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS and associations with organizations and individuals
  • To use our information products to facilitate the DEVELOPMENT of business strategies and public sector policies
  • To address the specific NEEDS OF CLIENTS in developing markets and the socio-economic environment in South Africa